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A new study by the Harvard Medical School reminds us that the explosion of legal gambling in recent years has come at a price – a price paid in the currency of ruined lives. According to Harvard researchers, the number of pathological gamblers in the United States and Canada has risen from 2.2 million to 3.8 million over the last 20 years. This isn’t surprising. Since the late 1970s, most states have adopted lotteries and relaxed longstanding laws against Las Vegas-style games and betting machines. The United States has seen a nationwide proliferation of casinos, riverboats, slot machines and video gaming devices – and entrepreneurs have recently begun offering games on the Internet.


The industry, to its credit, is finally beginning to acknowledge that gambling isn’t merely a harmless adult entertainment. The new Harvard study was in fact commissioned by an industry group, the National Center for Responsible Gaming, which has been sponsoring serious research into gambling addiction.


But the spin some gambling advocates have put on the Harvard study is dismaying. The reaction of one Reno-based slot machine manufacturer was typical: “We certainly had a gut feeling in the industry that although there is a problem, it is not of any significance, and it’s good to see a confirmation of that.”


Only people blinded by profits and self-interest could be so oblivious to the human grief behind the Harvard numbers. An increase of 1.2 million compulsive gamblers may not add up to a national crisis, but it is a personal disaster for everyone involved – including the wives, husbands and children of the gamblers.


Gambling addicts are consumed by betting in much the way alcoholics are consumed by the bottle. Obsessed with the roulette wheel or the slot machine, they sacrifice jobs and …

Best Option For College Football Picks – Football w88 link

Sports parlay calculator: To see what an off-the-board parlay pays, that isn’t all -110 legs. The method is you need to win all legs of a parlay for it to pay. Oddsmakers have laser-focus when it concerns establishing NFL lines. Because they are a lot of selection when it pertains to wagering websites, we make use of stringent standards to divide the very best from the remainder. When it comes to university football, the absence of info out there makes that tougher to do. That indicates info is more difficult ahead by in university football, for both casino players as well as oddsmakers. It’s all football, as well as the original wagers, are comparable. However, there are numerous considerable distinctions between banking on university football and also wagering on the NFL. What is the distinction in between wagering on university football versus the NFL? The primary distinction is the variety of groups. Plus, the distinctions in between programs that contend on the nationwide phase as well as groups that are a little bit much more local additionally indicates huge inequalities.

That typically indicates even more errors by oddsmakers w88 link and also softer wagering lines for a lot of video games. Sports wagering websites have a lot of alternatives for you; in the situation, you are the type of individual that can anticipate racked up appropriately, you can make a great deal of cash from such websites. There is a whole lot of media protection as well as buzz bordering both university football as well as the NFL. That’s why you’ll usually see bigger spreads in university football video games than you see on NFL video games. Online gaming organization proprietors can choose to arrange competitions and also seasonal video games with a high reward swimming pool. College Basketball – …

How To Bet On Horse Racing Online & More


So, if you are enthusiastic concerning any kind of video game and also have great expertise in sporting activities suits as well as gamers, you have to provide a shot to banking on sporting activities. This is where your expertise enters into play – or a pointer does! As discussed over, the internet site has different flash video games as well as real video games, and also, therefore, one can log right into Kick360 anytime to play these video games. The video game does incline if, for instance, you leap over the web and also use the opposite side of the court. They developed a tactical plan which will ideally bring them to the Super Bowl.

Every W88 video game has top notch graphics as well as stereo, and also you would certainly never understand that you are playing football in a digital arrangement. These centers in one method or the various others belong to football as well as, therefore all you gamers may discover them fascinating. For this year’s NFL period, the Seahawks have executed a terrific preparation by buying brand-new gamers and also personnel participants.

Though for lots of gamers, LinkW88moinhat is the factor behind sporting activities wagering, but also for some, the factor is love for a specific sporting activity. The most effective component of these benefits is that these sporting activities wagering websites will certainly be very worried about down payments in both monthly and also first. You’ll figure out precisely why we rank these leading football wagering websites so very as well as why we’re positive that they can be relied on with your genuine cash down payments.

Resolves your trouble if trying to find an application that can please all your online streaming requires with sony liv. You can discover followers that have …

Best Places To Play Online

If you’re asking yourself just how to select the very best US online gambling enterprise for you, opportunities are you’ll require a little aid doing so. Luckily for you, we simply take place to have your back. On this web page, we have not JUST highlighted the finest online gambling enterprises for Americans. We’re delighted to share our listing of the most effective US online gambling establishments running today. We placed a large amount of time and also initiative right into placing the ideal actual cash online gambling establishments for the USA. Also, our suggestions are really of the finest. Well, enable us to discuss what truly sticks out for us when it concerns an excellent on-line betting internet site. Register IBC Bet or Sbobet account on the web site as well as enhance your possibilities of obtaining big victories. What Games Can You Play at Crypto Casinos? With genetic engineering, it is feasible to adjust the organoleptic residential or commercial properties, and also also the expiration time can be enhanced for veggies as well as fruits.

Not to stress, as we can likewise detect these areas a mile off. You can restrict your costs to your material because you will not be as well lured to end up and remain up every little thing – you can simply click the “x” mark to departure. As discussed over, despite the truth that you require to exercise to end up being proficient at this fish tables video game online, you can make cash much more quickly than various other on the internet domino qiu qiu video games. There is even more to industry-leading online gambling enterprises than safety as well as respectability. To start with, security is significant and also safety and security to address. Now, there are the middle-of-the-road gambling …

Former short sanghoki back to the short stack and fighting


After slipping back to the short stack thanks to some questionable calls on a couple of hands Alex Kravchenko got back into his groove.

With his recent nemesis Raymond Rahme making a large sanghoki raise ahead of him Alex pushed all in over the top and put the heat back on Raymond.

Raymond went into the tank for a while and made the big laydown handing back most of the chips he had won away from Alex.

Alex Kravchenko goes all in again!

Alex who has been short stacked all day has pushed all in with pocket 3’s and after going into the tank Jerry Yang calls the bet with KQ.

Alex hits a 3 on the flop and Jerry is drawing dead.

Alex has doubled up with three three’s and has now jumped ahead of Tuan Lam into third place.

This could be a little dangerous for the chip leader, Alex has been getting wraps all day long and has now moved out of the the short stack and finally has enough chips to play some poker.

Alex has played the short stack perfectly all day, he has picked his spots to get his chips in, and has gone from starting the day in 9th spot to being alive in the final four, and finally holding enough chips to battle with the bigger stacks.

Will the Final Table even last till Midnight?

Johnny Chan doesn’t think so……

Johnny pictured here straight pimping from back when he won his WSOP bracelet has thrown out a $100,000 any takers bet that the WSOP Final Table will be over by midnight.

With Jerry Lang destroying the table, and with Johnny now giving him advice, it just may be right on the money. Players are dropping real fast.

No word yet on …

Is Driving with a Cold the Same as Driving Drunk?

A recent study in the UK suggests that people who drive while suffering from cold or flu symptoms may experience the same motoring tendencies that effect people who drive under the influence.

According to this study, people who drive while ill see their ability to successfully operate a motor vehicle drop by fifty percent when compared to the same skill of healthy drivers.  Sick drivers suffer from reduced reaction time and find that their concentration is impaired so much that researchers have compared them to drivers who have consumed four double whiskeys.

Young Marmalade, the United Kingdom insurance agency who, along with Cardiff University in Wales, conducted the study, warns that motorists should be aware of the impact that driving while sick can have on their operating skills, including an impairment of judgment as well as mood.  The Cardiff University research team reported that they simulated driving among those participating in the study by using a black telematics box that recorded the speed and braking of the drivers studied.

However, when ABC News requested to see the full study, neither Young Marmalade nor Cardiff University offered it up.  Therefore, the whole story has yet to be revealed, which has caused some skepticism among other researchers, who feel that, without all the findings, a complete assessment of them is impossible.

Staff doctors from the department of infectious diseases in a Omaha, Nebraska, hospital have questioned the findings, wondering publicly about how common is it for a driver who is ill to suffer the same effects that an intoxicated driver does, or if it is a rare occurrence.  The press release regarding the study does not answer those questions.

This is a potentially sobering study to ponder, especially considering that in America half a billion colds are suffered in an average year.  …

iPhone App Teaches Blackjack Card Counting


Not long ago I wrote about a blackjack app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all of those other mobile devices that teaches basic strategy. That is a great blackjack app because you need to know basic strategy to be successful at blackjack. Without following basic strategy, you might as well just throw your money down a drain. If you want to do that, instead of throwing it away, I’ll give you my address and you can send it to me.


For some players, though, basic strategy is only part of what they use when playing blackjack. Many players like to count cards so they know whether or not the deck is rich in tens. When it has a lot of high cards, the deck favors the player and they will increase the bet. There are many different card counting systems, but the most common is the hi-lo system.

While the hi-lo card counting system isn’t very complicated, especially in its simplest forms, some people find it difficult to learn. Visual aids can certainly help. That is why the new blackjack app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is such a great application.

The Apple app of which I speak is called the Perfect Play Blackjack Card Counter and it is available in the iTunes Apple app store. The blackjack app was developed by a man named Daniel Aisen and according to the product description, it was developed for a student project at Stanford University for their iPhone Application Programming class (yes, that is really a class at Stanford).

In the Perfect Play Blackjack Card Counter app, you play blackjack and are given a counting guide that helps you while you play. bitcoin dice The blackjack app “tracks all aspects of a blackjack game including player …

Slots Win For Main Street toto sgp Bingo

After winning an amazing $1,080.00 at Slots on Main Street toto sgp Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “sucker punched″ for a quick chat.


Being one of the usual suspects on Main Street Bingo every win is very special: “WOW. I’ve had quite a few amazing wins, but each still surprises me and makes me feel excited. I am always pulling a tab or spinning a slot. I look forward to any win it will give me.”


With her winnings she pointed out: “Even though I didn’t expect to win an amount of this size, I am always happy no matter what I win. I plan on putting the money right back into Main Street Bingo. That’s where it always goes.″


“sucker punched″ concluded by saying: “Anyone can win, just be patient. Main Street Bingo is a fun place to be. I am addicted.”


Gigantic Win for Premier Bingo Player


Premier Bingo would like to congratulate their latest big jackpot winner, nicknamed Linda57, who won their huge progressive bingo jackpot of $9,477.59 on April 13th.


After only playing at Premier Bingo since January this year Linda57 scooped the jackpot while playing a 75 ball coverall.


Premier Bingo wishes all their players good luck for the future.


Along with all the other great cash specials at Premier Bingo they will be doubling the progressive bingo jackpot every Friday throughout April.


For more information about Premier Bingo and their great cash specials visit


$17,000 Jackpot Won at BINGOGALA™


BINGOGALA™ is proud to announce that one of its biggest jackpot wins ever was won by a lucky player from Scotland, UK, yesterday.


Since joining BINGOGALA™ in September 2001 the player, nicknamed ‘glitterbabe’, has had a number of …

100 Million Hand on Poker-Stars Can’t Be Wrong

Cigital, Inc. will release a report through a media conference call on Friday outlining a study of 103 million hands of toto hk, which includes compelling statistics showing the outcomes of the games are largely determined by the players’ decisions rather than chance.  The results of this  study are of great importance to the legal community, where many cases involving poker come down to the question of whether the game is one of predominant skill or chance.  As a game of skill, poker should not be categorized as “gambling” under the law.


MN Drops Enforcement Against ISPs Allowing Access to Internet Poker


Press Release: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 4, 2009) –The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide (and more than 15,000 in Minnesota), declared victory as news broke that the Minnesota Department of Public Safety was dropping enforcement action against Internet Service Providers that provide access to Internet gambling sites, including legal Internet poker sites.

The announcement was made by Representative Pat Garofalo, who indicated that the matter was concluded after “the legal position underlying the issuance of the notices was reconsidered.”  Garofalo specifically credited the PPA and the Interactive Gaming Council with contributing to the conclusion of the matter.“This is a great day for internet freedom,” said Garofalo. “In the spirit of cooperation and in recognition of the rescission of these notices, I am more than happy to withdraw my bill and in its place sponsor a discussion aimed at establishing a framework for regulating and licensing the online gaming industry.”


“Minnesota poker players made our voices heard, the state listened and ended its ill-advised and improper attempt to circumvent the rights of Minnesota poker players,” said Matthew Werden, Minnesota State Director of the Poker …

Surrender in BlackJack

Surrender is a playing option in blackjack that is offered by some but not all casinos.


Like most other options in blackjack, if you know when to use the surrender option correctly, it can be an advantage. On the other hand, if you misuse the option it’s like throwing money down the drain.


First an explanation of what is all about. After a player receives their initial two cards, the player may at his discretion surrender the hand. When a player tells the dealer he wants to “surrender” the dealer will remove the player cards from the table and 50% of the player’s bet. In essence the player has forfeited his chance to play out the hand and the casino keeps one half of the players bet. How do you know if a casino allows the surrender rule? Sometimes they will post the rules on a placard that sets on the table. If not, just ask the dealer whether or not surrender is allowed.


“Wait a minute! Who in their right mind would “give up” half of their bet without playing out their hand? Seems like a cowardly thing to do at the blackjack tables. How are you suppose to win when you give the casino half of your bet? Seems like this is just another sucker bet for the tourists”. If thoughts like this raced through your mind read on and you will be surprised to learn that both the casino and players can profit with this playing option.


From the players perspective when it is the best time to surrender a hand? It seems logical that you should only surrender a hand when your chances of winning that hand are not very good. After all isn’t it better to save half of your bet …

Multi-tidak-tidak untuk Sbobet

Seringkali, ketika bermain blackjack Multi-Aksi, saya cenderung menyimpang dari strategi dasar terutama di tangan yang keras seperti 12 melawan dealer 10. Saya kira saya sedikit gugup dengan begitu banyak uang yang terlibat ($15 versus $5). Pertanyaan saya adalah, dibandingkan dengan blackjack biasa, apakah strategi dasar berubah untuk blackjack Multi-Aksi? Henry P.

Pertama, Henry, bagi para gamer yang tidak tahu, waktu untuk penjelasan singkat tentang blackjack Multi-Aksi.

Blackjack Multi-Aksi memungkinkan pemain untuk menempatkan hingga tiga taruhan secara bersamaan di tangan blackjack yang sama. Pemain dibagikan satu tangan, dan tiga taruhan dimainkan melawan kartu atas dealer yang sama, tetapi dengan kartu “ditarik” yang berbeda untuk setiap taruhan.

Dari pertanyaan Anda, Henry, saya menyimpulkan bahwa Multi-Aksi dapat melipatgandakan keinginan Anda untuk salah memainkan tangan Anda. Seperti Anda, terlalu banyak pemain yang percaya pada strategi yang tidak pernah gagal karena mereka takut kehilangan ketiga taruhan sekaligus. Mereka berdiri membabi buta pada 12, apa pun up-card dealer. Mereka berharap, berharap dan berdoa dealer akan bangkrut di satu Poker uang asli tangan atau lebih. Pola pikir ini bisa menjadi pembunuh uang. Pada meja minimum $5, Anda harus bersedia mengambil risiko $15 pada keputusan hit/stand, atau, jika risiko itu mengganggu Anda, Anda tidak boleh bermain Multi-Action.

Jadi, Henry, apakah pantas untuk menyimpang dari strategi dasar Sbobet? Tidak pernah! Aturan strategi dasar untuk permainan blackjack standar atau Multi-aksi ditetapkan, dan strategi yang benar tidak berbeda apakah pemain memiliki satu sirip berisiko atau tiga serangkai taruhan $5.

Mark yang terhormat,

Bisakah seorang pemain bertaruh pada garis lulus setelah poin dibuat? Saya bertanya karena saya baru-baru ini mengamati seseorang melakukan ini. Saya selalu berpikir bahwa setelah poin ditetapkan, Anda tidak dapat menambahkan taruhan atau mengurangi dari taruhan pass line Anda. Paulus H.

Diizinkan di Las Vegas tetapi tidak di Atlantic City, taruhan yang Anda gambarkan, Paul, dibuat pada garis lulus …

Semua mata tertuju pada Urawa untuk Bandar Togel Online

Babak 30 J-League telah menghadirkan beberapa pertandingan yang menarik, tetapi semua mata akan tertuju pada tim Urawa Reds yang akan menghadapi Nagoya Grampus Eight dalam laga blockbuster di Saitama Stadium.

Urawa lolos ke final Liga Champions AFC pada pertengahan pekan, dan Nagoya akan berharap untuk mengambil keuntungan dari mabuk apa pun dengan menempatkan satu di atas The Reds dalam apa yang secara tradisional merupakan urusan yang diperebutkan secara panas.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima memulai akhir pekan ini dengan pertandingan yang mungkin akan berlangsung sengit melawan JEF United. Tidak hanya striker Jepang Hisato Sato yang akan menghadapi tim yang dikapteni oleh saudara kembarnya Yuto, namun Hiroshima baru-baru ini merekrut bek Bulgaria Ilian Stoyanov.

Stoyanov dipecat oleh JEF United karena mengklaim bahwa pelatih Amar Osim “tidak mengerti” dan akan memimpin tim Chiba ke Divisi Kedua. Ironisnya Hiroshima yang bisa ditakdirkan untuk J2 – jika mereka kalah dalam pertandingan ini, mereka dalam bahaya disusul oleh penyelesaian cepat Omiya Ardija.

Dalam pertandingan sorotan lainnya Kashiwa Hk hari ini Reysol dan Vissel Kobe akan bertarung habis-habisan dalam pertempuran antara dua tim yang dipromosikan dari J2 musim lalu, Omiya Ardija akan berjuang untuk hidup mereka di Yokohama FC yang malang, Ventforet Kofu akan putus asa untuk mengambil ketiga poin dari Yokohama F. Marinos di kandang sendiri, akan ada penonton yang hampir penuh di Stadion Nihondaira karena Shimizu S-Pulse yang berada di posisi keempat akan berhadapan dengan Gamba Osaka yang berada di posisi kedua, dan Tama River Derby antara FC Tokyo dan Kawasaki Frontale akan menjadi pertandingan yang ditunggu-tunggu. .

Yokohama FC terdegradasi dalam waktu singkat

Yokohama FC terdegradasi dalam waktu singkat, setelah kekalahan tandang 3-0 mereka di Vissel Kobe di Babak 29 membuat kota pelabuhan yang berjuang melawan sepak bola Divisi Kedua musim depan.

Setelah mengumpulkan sebelas poin liga, klub yang dibuat oleh penggemar itu tampaknya pasti akan …

Strategi Craps Gratis – Memulai

Permainan Craps dianggap sebagai permainan judi paling populer di Amerika. Karena tabel dadu menggunakan bahasa asing, sering dianggap sangat rumit. Namun, setelah mempelajari terminologinya, ternyata cukup mudah. Di tengah meja Craps adalah apa yang dikenal sebagai taruhan proposisi. Ini termasuk semua taruhan proposisi satu gulungan. Rumah memiliki keuntungan dalam taruhan ini mulai dari 2,77% di “lapangan” hingga 16,67% pada 2 atau 12 apa pun. Untuk alasan ini, kami tidak akan membahas secara rinci taruhan ini. Jika Anda ingin menang secara konsisten, Anda ingin menjauh dari taruhan ini.

Anda boleh berdiri di kedua ujung meja, karena kedua sisi memiliki taruhan yang sama persis. Jika Anda adalah pemain pertama di meja, Anda akan berdiri di salah satu ujung meja panjang dan stickman akan membiarkan Anda memilih sepasang dadu. Anda, sebagai “penembak”, harus bertaruh pada garis lulus atau tidak lulus. Lemparan dadu pertama disebut lemparan “keluar”.

Taruhan Pass Line

Jika dadu yang dilempar pada lemparan keluar total 7 atau 11, (secara alami) Anda menang dan dibayar 1 banding 1. (Anda kemudian akan bertaruh dan melempar keluar lagi.) Jika dadu yang dilempar total 2, 3 atau 12 (omong kosong) Anda kalah. (Dadu kemudian akan pergi ke pemain berikutnya untuk lemparan keluar lainnya.)

Jika dadu yang dilempar berjumlah 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 atau 10, maka totalnya menjadi “poin”. Anda lebih mungkin untuk menang daripada kalah pada roll keluar. Namun begitu poin dibuat, peluang berbalik melawan Anda. Sekarang, jika 7 muncul Sgp hari ini pada dadu, Anda kehilangan taruhan yang Anda buat di awal. Jika poinnya muncul, Anda menang.

Aturan Taruhan Lulus

Putaran keluar: Natural 7 atau 11 Anda menang. – Omong kosong 2, 3 atau 12, Anda kalah.

Poin: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.

Poin bergulir: Poin yang Anda menangkan. – 7 kamu kalah.

Taruhan Jangan Lulus

Jika dadu yang dilempar pada lemparan …

Hanya satu anjing yang memiliki harinya di Login Sbobet

Apakah ada jenis mesin slot “gulungan” yang dapat dikalahkan secara matematis? James M.

Secara teoritis ya, setiap “progresif” dengan jackpot yang cukup besar dapat memiliki keunggulan matematis yang menguntungkan Anda. Progresif adalah jackpot yang terus bertambah ukurannya sampai seseorang akhirnya menang. Triknya adalah menemukan jackpot yang telah tumbuh cukup besar untuk mengatasi keunggulan bawaan mesin. Dengan berbelanja untuk nilai, Anda kadang-kadang akan menemukan mesin progresif dengan hasil besar yang tidak proporsional ini. Ingatlah, James, bahwa bahkan jika Anda menemukan mesin yang secara teoritis menguntungkan, pada akhirnya Anda akan kalah, kecuali jika Anda mendapatkan jackpot. Hanya akan ada satu anjing beruntung yang beruntung sementara ribuan anjing lain yang tidak beruntung memberi makan monster pemenang yang beruntung itu.


Mark yang terhormat,

Saya memainkan $ 2 lima tempat dan memukulnya dengan kuat untuk $ 1.500. Sebelum saya mendapatkan kemenangan, saya diberikan formulir pajak. Apakah $1.500 batas legal untuk dikenakan pajak? Dapatkah saya mengharapkan bantuan dari IRS? Larry C.


Larry, Anda memiliki daging sapi yang sah dengan kasino tempat Anda mendapatkan tiket keno Anda, tetapi tidak dengan IRS. Sehubungan dengan keno, Satria4D kasino hanya boleh mengeluarkan W2-G untuk semua kemenangan sebesar $1.500 atau lebih, dikurangi biaya tiket yang dibeli pada permainan yang menang. Jadi untuk contoh Anda, memainkan $2 lima tempat, Anda akan menjatuhkan $2 dari kemenangan $1.500, memberi Anda kemenangan bersih $1.498, yang seharusnya tidak memicu W2-G. Sayangnya, memprotes ke IRS tidak akan mengurangi kesengsaraan pajak Anda. Menurut IRS, semua kemenangan, dari semua bentuk perjudian, dikenakan pajak dan harus dinyatakan dalam pengembalian pajak Anda. Dan ya, Larry, mereka telah menerima pernyataan dari kasino tentang kemenangan perjudian Anda.


Mark yang terhormat,

Bagaimana dengan sedikit penyegaran singkat tentang cara membuat taruhan pass line Login Sbobet di dadu? Sudah 20 tahun sejak kunjungan terakhir saya ke kasino dan saya tidak ingin terlihat seperti …

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