Slots Win For Main Street toto sgp Bingo

Slots Win For Main Street toto sgp Bingo

After winning an amazing $1,080.00 at Slots on Main Street toto sgp Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “sucker punched″ for a quick chat.


Being one of the usual suspects on Main Street Bingo every win is very special: “WOW. I’ve had quite a few amazing wins, but each still surprises me and makes me feel excited. I am always pulling a tab or spinning a slot. I look forward to any win it will give me.”


With her winnings she pointed out: “Even though I didn’t expect to win an amount of this size, I am always happy no matter what I win. I plan on putting the money right back into Main Street Bingo. That’s where it always goes.″


“sucker punched″ concluded by saying: “Anyone can win, just be patient. Main Street Bingo is a fun place to be. I am addicted.”


Gigantic Win for Premier Bingo Player


Premier Bingo would like to congratulate their latest big jackpot winner, nicknamed Linda57, who won their huge progressive bingo jackpot of $9,477.59 on April 13th.


After only playing at Premier Bingo since January this year Linda57 scooped the jackpot while playing a 75 ball coverall.


Premier Bingo wishes all their players good luck for the future.


Along with all the other great cash specials at Premier Bingo they will be doubling the progressive bingo jackpot every Friday throughout April.


For more information about Premier Bingo and their great cash specials visit


$17,000 Jackpot Won at BINGOGALA™


BINGOGALA™ is proud to announce that one of its biggest jackpot wins ever was won by a lucky player from Scotland, UK, yesterday.


Since joining BINGOGALA™ in September 2001 the player, nicknamed ‘glitterbabe’, has had a number of wins before but nothing close to the enormous $17,756.33 progressive bingo jackpot she won yesterday.


BINGOGALA™s regular progressive jackpot started at $3,000 in April and as a special Spring promotion they have been adding $1,000 a day. This will continue throughout April.


Not only did glitterbabe win this huge jackpot yesterday she went on to win 2 x $1500 on the side game Pull Tabs, giving her a total winnings yesterday of over $20,000!


BINGOGALA™ would like to congratulate glitterbabe and wish her good luck for the future.


For more information and your chance to cash in visit


$13,000 Jackpot Win at BINGOGALA™


Shortly after winning a spectacular $13,321.54 on a progressive bingo jackpot at BINGOGALA™ we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “LookAtMe” for a quick chat.


After winning one of the biggest jackpots anywhere online “LookAtMe” was overwhelmed with emotion: “I had a house full of guests and I was screaming when I saw it; I ended waking them all up!”


Getting ready for a wedding is one happy occasion but things always have a funny way of turning remarkable: “I had $10.00 left and my mother in law was in town for our daughter’s wedding the next day and I left it on 5 cards during 10cents for her to watch cause I needed the sleep for the following day. Unfortunately she didn’t even realize she saw me win the jackpot. I didn’t find out until I woke up the next day. I called my daughter first thing in the morning and told her she didn’t have to worry about the rest of the money owed for the wedding. It was the perfect wedding day for her.”


With the rest of her winnings she was over the moon to say: “Well, it’s not even in my bank yet but I have already found us a house to buy and we are using the money as a down payment!”


A very valuable advice to the rest of her roomies: “Wow, just never give up it definitely happens when you least expect it. Who would have known that spending 50cents a game would turn into that amount of money!”


Finally what makes BINGOGALA™ such a hotspot: “I like the software and the chat games; especially Bingo Buzz and Puzzle Champions and the prize amounts are just huge!


BINGOGALA™ would like to congratulate LookAtMe and wish all their players good luck for the future.


For your chance to win big jackpots like this visit



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