Sexton Wins The Tournament Of Champions – Situs Judi Online

Sexton Wins The Tournament Of Champions – Situs Judi Online

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Finally, the World Series of Poker has started, and what an amazing beginning it has been. The first big event was the 2006 Tournament of Champions, which saw some of the greatest poker play witnessed in recent times.


The Tournament of Champions is an ultra-exclusive event, and only 27 players were invited to play. These consisted of the players from the final table last year, as well the twelve WSOP circuit winners, as well as six Harrah sponsored wildcard picksSitus Judi Online. This made for an amazing event, and there really were some star names involved. After the initial scrapping the final table consisted of these ten stars:


Seat One: WSOPC event winner Thang “Kido” Pham, 238,000 chips


Seat Two: Former World Champion Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, 166,000


Seat Three: Online poker pro Darrell “Gigabet” Dicken, 154,000


Seat Four: Defending TOC champion Mike Matusow, 213,000


Seat Five: 2004 World Series Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu, 443,000


Seat Six: Chip Leader Andrew Black, 942,000


Seat Seven: World Poker Tour announcer Mike Sexton, 161,000


Seat Eight: “The Great Dane” Gus Hansen, 74,000


Seat Nine: Circuit event winner Chris Reslock, short stacked at 64,000


Seat Ten: Foreign poker pro Daniel Bergsdorf, 245,000


Once these ten had been decided, the next thing that was to be decided was who would walk away with nothing. Although there were ten players, only nine would walk away with part of the $2 million freeroll. This meant whoever was eliminated first would be on their way home empty-handed.

Although Chris Reslock had the least chips coming into the final table, it was Gus Hansen who went home first. ‘The Great Dane’ put all in on a hand against Andrew Black, but the flop produced nothing and Gus was eliminated just ten hands into the game.


The players continued to battle it out as more and more players got eliminated. Soon there were just 5 left, and now it was the turn of Andrew Black to be eliminated. The chip leader going into the final table was eliminated by the 2005 TOC champion Mike Matusow, after Mike re-raised the pot the cards went his way. Despite leading the chips and finishing fifth, Black walked away with a cool $100,000.

After another 100 hands we were down to two players, with Negreanu and Mike Sexton left, with Sexton in the lead by around 250,000 chips.


Despite some dazzling play already, this is where the tournament really lit up, and an amazing sequence of events unfolded. The Situs Judi Online two men battled back and forth for over 300 hands of poker before any real progress was made.


Both players were exhausted after the final table lasted for nearly 16 hours, but eventually one man came out on top. Mike sexton limped into a pot, but then surprised Negreanu on the next turn by popping in a $180,000 bet. Negreanu was happy to call, but when the flop came Mike came out on top with Aces and Eights and walked away the 2006 Champion. Despite his loss, Negreanu picked up a massive $325,000, with Sexton getting a whopping $1 million for winning.


In an event that will be remembered for years to come, Mike Sexton proved that the guys from the ‘old school’ still have some game left in them. As the WSOP continues, we will see if the ‘old school’ can continue to impress against the younger generation of poker players.


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