Destruction dedicate their Damnation Set to Mike – Ol to Jam with them

Destruction dedicate their Damnation Set to Mike – Ol to Jam with them

German thrash titans DESTRUCTION will dedicate their set at Damnation festival in Leeds, U.K. to EVILE bassist Mike Alexander, who tragically passed away on October 5, 2009 while on tour in Sweden.

The festival will take place at Leeds University Union this Saturday, October 24.

EVILE lead guitarist Ol Drake will make a guest appearance on guitar with DESTRUCTION, to play some of Mike‘s favoriteDESTRUCTION tracks with the band.

Ol Drake recently filled in on guitar for DESTRUCTION at Portugal’s Caos Emergentefestival.

Ol Drake comments: “Mike was a huge DESTRUCTION fan. It’ll be a great way to pay tribute to him by jamming some of his favoriteDESTRUCTION songs with SchmierMarc and Mike.

“Throughout playing with EVILEMike was always cautiously calm about exciting things. ‘Mike, we’re touring with MEGADETH!’ ‘Oh, cool’. ‘Mike, we’re touring with EXODUS!’ ‘Oh, cool’. I just knew he jumped around like a child when he got home, but when I called him to say I’m playing a show with DESTRUCTION in Portugal he went ‘OH MY GOD!!!!!!! WHOAAAA, you bastard! Wow!'”

“I got to pass on one of Schmier‘s picks from him to Mike before the last tour and it made his day.

“Thank you to DESTRUCTION for wanting to dedicate their next set to Mike and for letting me jam some songs in his honor.”

DESTRUCTION bassist and vocalist Schmier comments: “Ol Drake became a very close friend to the band since he helped us out after the broken finger affair.

“When I heard that Mike Alexander died, I was speechless and shocked. I had to sit down.

“The world never was a fair place. This again was a situation that shows how fast everything can be over and out.

Mike Alexander was such a positive and funny guy, his band on the way to the top, a fucking shame and a tragedy.

EVILE and DESTRUCTION thought it would be a cool thing to dedicate the DESTRUCTION gig in Leeds this weekend at theDamnation festival to Mike Alexander. We will jam his fave DESTRUCTION tunes with Ol on the second guitar. We are sure Mikewould have loved this — a memorable way for us to remember a lost friend!

“Rock in peace, brother!”

DESTRUCTION will play on the Jagermeister stage at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday, at Damnation festival, Leeds.

EVILE will be unveiling a tribute site to Mike Alexander shortly and will welcome comments, memories and photos. Donations are welcome for Mike‘s children and family via courtesy of and Wiseblood Management.

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