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Situs Slot Online Casino Links added, More Features in the Near Future for Casino World News



Casino World News Adds Online Casino Services

Casino World News added links to online casinos (internet casinos) today to expand its offerings on its casino news portal. With an XML feed from Kanoodle, Casino World News offers visitors links to the top promotions from online casinos around the world.


The Togel Online Casino list is available via the link in the left-navigation column. A search form for online casinos or any search is also available at the bottom of all pages.


More Features Planned for Casino World News

In an effort to continually offer a richer service to its visitors, Casino World News is planning to enhance its Press Release Manager software to include casino industry categories for all press releases, and launching its free Casino Industry Inbox service in the near future. Visitors can subscribe now for this upcoming service.


Another planned situs slot feature is the ability of users of the free Press Release Manager to identify and input keywords relating to each press release. Already users have discovered that thanks to Casino World News’ standing with major search engines, press releases published on often appear in search results in a matter of days instead of weeks, increasing the value to users of the service. The service continues to be free for all gambling industry users and can be accessed here. A number of other enhancements to the Press Release Manager will be included and announced in the near future.


New features to improve service to casino industry executives are expected to appear by mid-April of this year.

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Formed by constitutional amendment in 1972, the State Lottery Agency began operation on January 2, 1973 (Chapter 365, Acts of 1972, ratified November 7, 1972). Lottery tickets are sold and cashed in at sales outlets in licensed retail establishments throughout Maryland. Transactions are conducted through terminals connected to a computerized on-line real-time system. Revenues from the State Lottery are deposited in the General Fund of the State Treasury for the use of Maryland government. Lottery income is the State’s third largest source of revenue, after income taxes and sales taxes.

The State Lottery Agency conducts statewide lotteries for instant, daily, keno and lotto games, as well as a multi-jurisdictional game and two subscription games. The Agency also sponsors a three-digit daily lottery (Pick 3); and a four-digit lottery (Pick 4) twice daily. In addition, the Agency runs a pick-6-out-of-49 Lotto Game (minimum jackpots of $1 million) with twice-weekly drawings, and a 5-of-39 game called Bonus Match 5 ($50,000 top prize) with drawings Monday through Sunday. A bonus ball is drawn from the remaining 34 numbers for an extra chance to win.


Mega Millions (formerly The Big Togel Singapore Game) is a multi-state game with multi-million dollar jackpots and cash prizes. Players select six numbers: five out of 52 and one Gold Mega Ball number out of 52. Prizes are drawn on Tuesday and Friday evenings; the game costs $1 to play. Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington also participate in this game. Proceeds from Mega Millions and certain instant scratch-off games are designated for the Maryland Stadium Authority.


Official winning numbers are drawn on live television and are posted on the State Lottery Agency website. For the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, they are drawn …

Manchester Wins UK Super-casino Togel Singapore Bid



Manchester – home of the Manchester United football team – will host the UK’s first Las Vegas-style supercasino, it was announced today.

The Casino Advisory Panel’s shock decision is a blow to Blackpool and the Millennium Dome, which were considered front-runners to win the licence.

Up to 1,250 unlimited jackpot gaming machines will be housed on a 5,000 square metre site.

Blackpool and the Millennium Dome were tipped as the two frontrunners among the seven shortlisted bidders.


‘All the proposals shortlisted for the regional Togel Singapore casino presented their own particular and compelling strengths” said Casino Advisory Panel chair Professor Stephen Crow. ‘We were, however, particularly impressed by Manchester’s proposal, which in our view offers great promise.”

Manchester bid organisers said it would regenerate a poor area of east Manchester, promising a £265 million investment and 2,700 direct and indirect jobs in one of the most deprived parts of the country.


The proposed regional casino site at Sportcity in the Beswick area of Manchester, will also contain an entertainment complex with a range of facilities such as a multi-purpose arena, a swimming pool, an urban sports venue, restaurants, bars, a nightclub and a hotel.

Doug Garrett, chief executive of ReBlackpool, the urban regeneration company that worked on the town’s bid, said: ‘I’m very disappointed indeed at the outcome, Blackpool’s future was something built around our plan.


‘We believe the case that we put forward was a compelling one. We certainly won’t be taking this as an end result. We still want to see change here. I’m very surprised but anything is a possibility.”


Ladbrokes to Sign Asian Deal


The Sunday Times in the UK said that British bookmaker Ladbrokes has formed a joint venture with Megainfo, a Hong Kong-based technology company.


The …




A new study by the Harvard Medical School reminds us that the explosion of legal gambling in recent years has come at a price – a price paid in the currency of ruined lives. According to Harvard researchers, the number of pathological gamblers in the United States and Canada has risen from 2.2 million to 3.8 million over the last 20 years. This isn’t surprising. Since the late 1970s, most states have adopted lotteries and relaxed longstanding laws against Las Vegas-style games and betting machines. The United States has seen a nationwide proliferation of casinos, riverboats, slot machines and video gaming devices – and entrepreneurs have recently begun offering games on the Internet.


The industry, to its credit, is finally beginning to acknowledge that gambling isn’t merely a harmless adult entertainment. The new Harvard study was in fact commissioned by an industry group, the National Center for Responsible Gaming, which has been sponsoring serious research into gambling addiction.


But the spin some gambling advocates have put on the Harvard study is dismaying. The reaction of one Reno-based slot machine manufacturer was typical: “We certainly had a gut feeling in the industry that although there is a problem, it is not of any significance, and it’s good to see a confirmation of that.”


Only people blinded by profits and self-interest could be so oblivious to the human grief behind the Harvard numbers. An increase of 1.2 million compulsive gamblers may not add up to a national crisis, but it is a personal disaster for everyone involved – including the wives, husbands and children of the gamblers.


Gambling addicts are consumed by betting in much the way alcoholics are consumed by the bottle. Obsessed with the roulette wheel or the slot machine, they sacrifice jobs and …




The Early Roots

Bingo as we know it today is a form of lottery and is a direct descendant of Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.When Italy was united in 1530, the Italian National Lottery Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia was organized, and has been held, almost without pause, at weekly intervals to this date. Today the Italian State lottery is indispensable to the government’s budget, with a yearly contribution in excess of 75 million dollars.


In 1778 it was reported in the French press that Le Lotto had captured the fancy of the intelligentsia. In the classic version of Lotto, which developed during this period, the playing card used in the game was divided into three horizontal and nine vertical rows. Each horizontal row had five numbered and four blank squares in a random arrangement. The vertical rows contained numbers from 1 to 10 in the first row, 11 to 20 in the second row, et cetera, up to 90. No two Lotto cards were alike. Chips numbered from 1 to 90 completed the playing equipment. Players were dealt a single Lotto card, then the caller would draw a small wooden, numbered token from a cloth boag and read the number aloud. The players would cover the number if it appeared on their card. The first player to cover a horizontal row was the winner.


In the 1800’s educational Lotto games became popular. A German Lotto game of the 1850s was designed to teach children their multiplication tables. There were other educational Lotto games such as ‘Spelling Lotto,’ ‘Animal Lotto,’ and ‘Historical Lotto.” Even in today’s highly competitive toy and game market, Lotto is holding its own; Milton Bradley sells a Lotto game featuring the Sesame Street Muppets. The game is designed to provide children in …

Texas Holdem Keluaran Sgp Principal Rules,Tips and Guidelines



Pre flop betting should be made cautiously as the increasing number of people on a table increases the chances of one person having good pocket hand.

Even high pre flop card s should be bet cautiously until you have a nice kicker.

You should always try to understand the nature of the players at your table during this game because that largely affects the game.

If you are allowed to make notes then keep jotting down the traits of the player that you observe during the game.

Bets should be made or raised on good hands because free taking of cards by other players may make their average hand a strong one.

You should never play in fixed or predictable manner. Always bring out new aspects or new strategies of your game.

Don’t portray a casual image at your table because that way your maximum moves will be called as bluff and you will not get good chances of bluffing.


Slots Principal Rules,Tips and Guidelines

Playing slots online is much more profitable than playing slots in a live casino.

There is no particular order in which the numbers of the slot machines show up. Every spin has all the odds.

It is not possible to predict that when a machine will show up with prize.

Due to random selection, it is very possible that no pay out is made by a machine for a very long period.

Your bet is affected by the number of coins that is put in the play and that does not affect the odds.

The hit percentage and the pay back percentage is set differently for each machine.

75% to 99% is the range in which the payback of the machine is ranged.

The hit percentage of a machine has very wide …

Ice Hockey Online Casino – It’s Types,Tips and Top Site to place Bet



There are some sports that have grabbed more attention due to their special characteristics, and one such sports game is ice hockey. Apart from the thrill associated with the high paced nature of ice hockey, people also love to bet on this game. In fact, betting on ice hockey is quite popular in the North America. So, let us know more about betting in ice hockey.



Basics and Types



Owing to the rising popularity of NHL games, online bookmakers have included them in their list of offerings. The basic aspect of ice hockey betting is to predict about the side or team that would win the match; the underdog or the favorites. You can also place a bet by predicting about the total number of goals scored by both the teams; which team will score the first goal; which team will score the last goal; etc. The odds calculations are same as most of the other sports betting. For example, Team A -110 and Team B +150. Now, take a look at the types of ice hockey betting:


Money Line bet: It is the easiest form of ice hockey betting where you have to predict the winning side. If we consider the figure mentioned above, you would have to place $110 if you wish to place your bet on Team A and $100 if you go for Team B.


Spread Bet: In this bet type the bookmakers will fix a point spread. So, it is quite similar to the above one.


Puck Line Bet: This bet is about predicting the difference between the goals scored by the two teams.


Over/ Under: This bet is quite common among several sports betting, and it is about predicting the less or more number …

Friday Weekly Roundup – Togel Hongkong



Busy week on the legal front:

On Monday, UIGEA regulations went into effect making it more difficult for US residents to deposit into online casinos. While banks have over 10 months to comply, some players are already reporting that their deposit attempts have been blocked.


On Tuesday, the Kentucky Appeals Court overturned the previous courts findings and ruled that internet domain names are not “gambling devices” and not subject to forfeiture. This is a positive ruling for online gambling, but the domain battle is far from over. Up next: the Kentucky Supreme Court.


Poker fans found reason to celebrate this week a Pennsylvania Judge found two defendants not guilty on unlicensed gambling charges for holding a house poker game when he ruled that poker is primarily a game of skill. This ruling clears the way for legal house poker games across the country, easing the minds of millions of Americans who play poker.


Trump Entertainment Resort Inc, Donald Trump’s casino company, is desperately trying to avoid its 4th bankruptcy since 1991. The firm has managed to negotiate a 2-week debt extension to keep lenders at bay, but with terrible revenue reports coming out of Atlantic City, it might be only a matter of time. Trump One Card members with a significant balance of points should consider cashing in and requesting some of their hard earned comps while they still can.


At least 3 people from Nebraska avoided falling victim to the Gambler’s Fallacy after they won by using the same numbers from the previous week. That’s right, Monday night’s “Pick 3” drawing produced the same winning numbers 2for two weeks in a row.


1979 WSOP Winner and Poker Hall of Fame member Amarillo Slim was beaten and robbed of $8,000 cash and a …




increase-in-online-gamblingOnline gambling is like any other company that has a positive impact on the economy.Positively contributes much to the various facts of economic growth. The positive contribution of the gaming industry replaced your downside by far. The industry contributes to the economic growth of income. Money in the handling of people and companies trickles revenues to operators of online gambling sites, software developers and administrators, business personnel used, to promote the sites.


Online players earn more money, most to supplement their daily needs. This caused some people to switch, the online casino as a full-time employment. Employment opportunities in decline due to a lot of people find themselves unemployed; Online game available, an alternative to the creation of income.


In some cases that are rewards of online casinos very large players are completely changed financially; Removals of ‘rags to riches’ in a fraction of a second. The gains also contribute to economic growth for the winner are invested into different types, such as stocks, real estate or opening new companies. The company income for owner, work,pay taxes and profits are plowed back in the economy through the reinvestment.


The immense competition in the online gambling catalyzed calls for new or new ideas and technology, therefore; Research, development and growth of technology. More recently, the clothing of the games has exaggerated on research and on the growth of cyber security. This will be integrated later in other Internet companies.


There are huge corporate finance online Sportsbooks on community projects as part of its responsibility. The funds are used to improve the education, rehabilitation, health and infrastructure, among other things. Especially with the development of communication systems, infrastructure is deal for more people to the Internet and online Sportsbooks can subscribe to.


Lucky arrived with …




Roulette is one of the most classic free casino games whose popularity has unfurled a great success not only in the US, but in Europe also. It is all about the landing of the ball on a spot; the less it contacts the spot, the higher chances it produces for a player to be a winner. Let us see the salient features of the game roulette:


Since the word ‘Roulette’ is a minuscule to the French vocabulary, its origin (around 1600’s) is rather believed to be in France. During this time, roulette was soaring to a heightened popularity, but later the game came into the recognition of the US popular casinos: La’s Vegas Casino and Atlantic City Casino. However, the modern chief playing center of roulette is Monte Carlo.


Roulette is all about the minimal landing of the ball on a spot that holds numerous chances to be a winner. But, before playing online roulette, it is worth reading a little about the roulette wheels; well, two types of wheel are in general use: European roulette wheel (consists of 37 slots) and American roulette wheel (consists of 38 slots). The free slots of both the wheels are again represented with ‘0′ having significance to some degrees.


To begin roulette some chips (or real money) are bet by players either on a board or on an axis securing certain four numbers. There are many kind of bets in the game that a player can take into account so as to simplify the hardships in the game: odds/evens, reds/blacks, columns of the board, etc.




If you know roulette, you must be aware that is fully a game of chance or luck. It is also not a …

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