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We’ll offer you articles on the latest online lottery mergers and deals worldwide. You will get the forecasts of the most impacting number to roll through each Month, and a glimpse at the charts and formulas that keeps WLC informed.


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Preview edition of is released!


After months in development, we are proud to present the all new, free gaming site


Welcome to the preview edition of FlashGamer, a brand new site devoted to free games made with the ingenious program Flash 4 from Macromedia. As of today, the site features 4 timewasters made with Flash, and more is to come!


Play Flash Bubbles, Classic Worm, Lazy Poker and Block Smash at no charge. And there is even more games to come over the weekend. Internet gameing is here to stay, and we are the …

Robin Hood tax on pokie profits




PUBS and clubs in South Australia will be hit with a 65per cent “Robin Hood” tax on their earnings from pokie machines and other gaming activities, after the state’s Budget yesterday imposed the nation’s highest marginal tax rate for gambling.


Delivering the state’s first Labor Budget in nine years, Treasurer Kevin Foley declared an attack on the “super profits” collected by pubs and clubs that earn more than $2.5million a year in net gaming revenue.


Once they hit the $2.5 million mark, pubs will pay 65 per cent of their net earnings in tax, while clubs will pay 55 per cent. More than 90 venues in South Australia will fall into the top “super profit” bracket.


But smaller pubs and clubs could benefit from the new regime, with a new tax-free threshhold of $75,000 set, which is expected to benefit nearly 370 pubs and clubs — 246 of them in the bush. The new threshhold means small operators will pay no, or reduced, gaming taxes. Rates for Adelaide’s casino have not been adjusted.


Nearly half the net gaming revenue in South Australia passes through just 13 per cent of venues and the two largest pokie venues in the state earned $5.6 million and $5.4 million before tax in 2001.


The regime is expected to deliver an extra $34 million to the state this financial year.


Government figures estimate South Australia’s and Victoria’s average hotel UFA gaming tax in 2002-03 at 41 per cent, with 37 per cent in Queensland and 24 per cent in NSW.


The new tax rate was attacked by the hotel industry as a recipe for job losses and bankruptcies.


But Norwood Football Club general manager David Wark welcomed the new tax regime for small and …

Ligaz11 Review of Blackjack and the Law

With the expansion of legal gambling throughout the United States, the game of Blackjack has never been so widespread, and its legal status has never been so difficult to understand. In the old days of Las Vegas, an undesirable patron would typically be unceremoniously thrown out at the whim of a casino’s management with no recourse. These days, with lawsuits over a casino’s right to bar players, court cases testing device and cheating statutes, and gaming commissions who have their own ideas on how to regulate games operating independently in over a dozen states, one needs a road map to navigate through the state of the industry. Blackjack and the Law attempts to provide such a road map.

The book is based on a series of articles written by the person most experts consider to be the foremost authority on the legal aspects of gambling in the United States, I. Nelson Rose. These articles have appeared in various publications, such as Card Player and Blackjack Forum since 1985, and update the high quality, but long out of date and out of print, material that appeared in Rose’s previous book, Gambling and the Law. Each article is then edited and amended by the book’s second author, Robert Loeb, considered by most to probably be the second authority on the legal aspects of gambling in the United States. Loeb also adds commentary after each article, providing his viewpoint and addenda since the essay was originally written. This is a powerful one, two combination that leads to some truly thought provoking investigations into the legal situation surrounding the game of Blackjack.

Many topics are covered in various chapters which include the legal status of card counting and barring, casino countermeasures, back rooming, device laws, taxes, Internet gambling, gambling on Indian reservations, and many …

Inside the Interactive เกมสล็อตที่แตกง่ายที่สุด Gaming Council

Uncommunicative, casino operator oriented and player insensitive were some of the more common and heated accusations made against the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) on message boards across the internet during the Golden Palace confiscated winnings dispute.

Angry and frustrated players unable to open a reasoned personal dialogue with the casino or its software provider turned their guns on the IGC, which appeared not to take a position on the issue by remaining silent amidst the escalating furore.

In all things there are generally two sides to a story. And it is true that although message boards perform an invaluable function in exchanging information there are times when accusations levelled in the heat of the moment can take on a life of their own in the ensuing storm of vituperation – and that can obscure the truth.

So what is the IGC’s attitude towards เกมสล็อตที่แตกง่ายที่สุด players, and how does their complaint structure operate? What powers do they have over members and who are those members? For these and other answers we turned to the IGC Executive Director, Rick Smith, and Deputy Executive Director, Keith Furlong, and found them both willing and keen to respond.

Winneronline (WO): Is the IGC focused on fair treatment for online casino players?

IGC: Absolutely. It is a major objective for us, and our membership conditions and programs are based on building player confidence in IGC casinos which voluntarily comply with our codes.

This was one of the key components in the IGC organization in 1996. Development of a Code of Conduct to protect players in the then new industry was one of the first initiatives.

A key mission of the IGC is to promote an environment where there is an absence of fraud, both fraud by players as well as operators, and this is why we …

BFAST to Power Casino Atlantis Situs Judi Slot Affiliates

Windsor, March 28th, 2002- Be Free today announces the launch of a worldwide affiliate programme for Casino Atlantis Online, the only casino to operate from the Isle of Man, courtesy of Sun International. Be Free has been chosen to build and develop a pay-for-performance-based partner marketing channel to help Casino Atlantis Online expand their global market presence.

BFAST, Be Free’s affiliate marketing platform provides Casino Atlantis with a privately branded tracking and reporting system that effectively manages the performance and compensation of online partner sites. Using BFAST’s advanced tracking capabilities, Casino Atlantis has created an attractive revenue share business offering for all affiliates. Current marketing activities promote a 30% revenue share of Net Gaming Profit plus an additional referral bonus to their new affiliate base. Their programme goes live on March 27th. Casino Atlantis will also leverage Be Free’s experienced client services team for initially targeting large, influential blue-chip partner sites and recruiting them as strategic affiliate partners.

“As a traditional land-based casino, we needed an experienced partner that could empower us with the best affiliate marketing know-how,” said Adam Barber, Partner Referral Manager, Sun International. Be Free offered us the professional expertise and flexible technology required for marketing the Casino Atlantis brand through online partnerships. We believe this will give us the competitive advantage to help drive a successful affiliate marketing programme worldwide.” They will help with acquisition of non-gambling high profile websites.

Be Free is currently planning an initial promotional e-mail campaign on behalf of Casino Atlantis to market their current offer and ramp up affiliate recruitment worldwide.

“We are delighted to have the Situs Judi Slot opportunity to work with such a reputable and trustworthy gaming operator in a growing, lucrative market, commented David Johnson, VP of European Operations for Be Free. Our relationship with Casino Atlantis …

Plan could lead to selling lottery tickets on the Internet

SPRINGFIELD — Imagine being able to forgo a trip to the convenience store when the Mega Millions lottery game prize hits nine digits and buy your ticket for that drawing from the computer in your den.

No state sells lottery tickets over the Internet now. But a leading Senate Democrat and group of influential backers are urging Gov. Blagojevich’s administration to embrace the concept, which could generate as much as $100 million annually for the state’s cash-starved public school system.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said state Sen. John Cullerton (D-Chicago), who has introduced legislation authorizing a pilot study of an Internet-based lottery system. “I just wonder why we are passing up an opportunity to get money into the common school fund. It’s not an expansion of gambling. It’s legal, and it would appeal to wealthier patrons.”

The group that approached Cullerton with the idea is led by Mark Doyle, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and member of Blagojevich’s transition team. Also included are Dr. Steven DeAngelis, who is Mayor Daley’s physician and first hatched the idea, and Chicago restaurateur Phil Stefani, who has donated more than $43,000 to Illinois politicians, including the governor and Cullerton.

Gambling foe lashes out

The three are developing software that would enable the state to sell tickets over the Internet and be able to screen out underage buyers and cap purchases, among other things.

Besides the prospect of making money off the venture, the plan’s backers say it would raise new resources for the state, reinvigorate stagnant lottery sales and, most importantly, shift the lottery toward those with higher incomes who aren’t big users of the lottery.

So far, Blagojevich has been cool to the proposal, which is scheduled to be heard in a Senate committee Wednesday, the day of the …

When computers go wrong over Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli

Believe me I’m having a few pints tonight when I get out. Had one hell of a day. Trading turned out to be a complete waste of time (see post above) but worst was my server, which has sat quietly on it’s own in Germany without incident for years, deciding it was time to demand some tlc. It literally just turned itself off and stubbornly resisted all attempts to turn it back on. Which meant all my websites disappeared. And with them my “proper” income. But the biggest worry was it looked for a while like my brand spanking new database, sat on the server, had wandered off into cyberspace never to be seen again too. And me being a fool hadn’t backed it up for two weeks. ie, Before I’d put most the data in. Doh!

Anyway, thank fuck everything was recovered a short while ago and all is well again. The irony is I spent the morning setting up a monster new server to transfer everything to in a couple of weeks. Just in time by the looks of it. This German job appears to be on its last legs.


Spent several hours on the phone today sorting out stuff that, well, needed sorting, but managed a very quick dip into the tennis between it all and made a small profit.


Emma was out after work tonight so I had my eye on the West Indies v India ODI for a spot of evening trading. Got involved with the West Indies into their innings and with what looked a pretty straightforward run chase on.


There were some nice Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli market swings but the event was ruined from a trading perspective when the one click trading tool I use to trade through …

Shanghai Surprise? Not Likely Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021



North an south meet again

South Korea restarts its journey on the road to South Africa and the 2010 World Cup tonight in Shanghai. Pyongyang was supposed to be the location but the qualifier against North Korea has been moved to China as the communist authorities in the DPRK capital refused to fly the Taegukki or play the Aegukga.


It is the final round of qualification for the Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 quadrennial football-fest. South Korea has participated in the last six tournaments and failure to make it a magnificent seventh doesn’t bear thinking about for footy-lovers in a nation that is currently bananas about baseball. The loss of prestige, sponsorships, experience, money and jobs would hit Korean football hard.


Ten Asian nations, in football terms this includes Australia, have been split into two groups of five. The top two in each group automatically book their berths in South Africa. The two third-place teams face each other for the right to take on Oceania’s representative, probably New Zealand, in a winners-takes-all play-off match. On paper, North Korea is the weakest team in the group but it won 2-1 against the UAE in Abu Dhabi last weekend to get its campaign off to a good start. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the other two members of the group and drew 1-1 in Riyadh.


Against North Korea tonight and the next match, at home to UAE in October, the 2002 World Cup semi-finalists need to get some points on the board before the two toughest tests –long and tricky trips to Tehran and Riyadh.


North korea players in training


That is in the future. Now is all about the North Koreans. Unlike the general populace either side of the 38th Parallel, the respective sets of …

Shock of the Bandarqq Roo



Who’d have thunk it – a million column inches, hundreds of hours of airtime, 45m anguished fans and all for one young man’s broken foot. No ordinary foot of course but a foot nonetheless. In the seven weeks since Wayne Rooney fractured his fourth metatarsal, collapsing in agony on the Stamford Bridge turf, World War III would not have remove Rooney from both the front and back pages of the nation’s newspapers.


The foot has healed, the machinations have finally come to an end (baring a refracture or related injury) and Rooney finally stepped out for his first start since the April 29th last night. His return to fitness so soon may be something of a surprise but the true miracle has nothing to do with physical rehabilitation at all. Indeed, the agonizing and debate over Rooney has been not just about any player but a Manchester United player no less. No, the real surprise in all this comes because of the traditionally strained relationship between United and England supporters in recent times.


In the not too distant past United players have been roundly jeered by England supporters, when playing for the national team – at Wembley in particular. In return Manchester United fans have held a long-standing antipathy towards England. The perceived unfair treatment of United players by the FA and the media has intensified this divide from Bandarqq Reds’ supporters point of view. Think about Cantona’s ban in 1995, when the FA went back on a promise to honour United‚’s self-imposed sanction. Then there was Keane’s suspension in 2004, when the FA punished the Irishman twice for his tackle on Leeds’ Alfe Inge Haarland . Think also of the length of Ferdinand’s sanction for missing a drug test when so many other players had …

Situs Slot Online Casino Links added, More Features in the Near Future for Casino World News



Casino World News Adds Online Casino Services

Casino World News added links to online casinos (internet casinos) today to expand its offerings on its casino news portal. With an XML feed from Kanoodle, Casino World News offers visitors links to the top promotions from online casinos around the world.


The Togel Online Casino list is available via the link in the left-navigation column. A search form for online casinos or any search is also available at the bottom of all pages.


More Features Planned for Casino World News

In an effort to continually offer a richer service to its visitors, Casino World News is planning to enhance its Press Release Manager software to include casino industry categories for all press releases, and launching its free Casino Industry Inbox service in the near future. Visitors can subscribe now for this upcoming service.


Another planned situs slot feature is the ability of users of the free Press Release Manager to identify and input keywords relating to each press release. Already users have discovered that thanks to Casino World News’ standing with major search engines, press releases published on often appear in search results in a matter of days instead of weeks, increasing the value to users of the service. The service continues to be free for all gambling industry users and can be accessed here. A number of other enhancements to the Press Release Manager will be included and announced in the near future.


New features to improve service to casino industry executives are expected to appear by mid-April of this year.

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