BFAST to Power Casino Atlantis Situs Judi Slot Affiliates

BFAST to Power Casino Atlantis Situs Judi Slot Affiliates

Situs Judi Slot

Windsor, March 28th, 2002- Be Free today announces the launch of a worldwide affiliate programme for Casino Atlantis Online, the only casino to operate from the Isle of Man, courtesy of Sun International. Be Free has been chosen to build and develop a pay-for-performance-based partner marketing channel to help Casino Atlantis Online expand their global market presence.

BFAST, Be Free’s affiliate marketing platform provides Casino Atlantis with a privately branded tracking and reporting system that effectively manages the performance and compensation of online partner sites. Using BFAST’s advanced tracking capabilities, Casino Atlantis has created an attractive revenue share business offering for all affiliates. Current marketing activities promote a 30% revenue share of Net Gaming Profit plus an additional referral bonus to their new affiliate base. Their programme goes live on March 27th. Casino Atlantis will also leverage Be Free’s experienced client services team for initially targeting large, influential blue-chip partner sites and recruiting them as strategic affiliate partners.

“As a traditional land-based casino, we needed an experienced partner that could empower us with the best affiliate marketing know-how,” said Adam Barber, Partner Referral Manager, Sun International. Be Free offered us the professional expertise and flexible technology required for marketing the Casino Atlantis brand through online partnerships. We believe this will give us the competitive advantage to help drive a successful affiliate marketing programme worldwide.” They will help with acquisition of non-gambling high profile websites.

Be Free is currently planning an initial promotional e-mail campaign on behalf of Casino Atlantis to market their current offer and ramp up affiliate recruitment worldwide.

“We are delighted to have the Situs Judi Slot opportunity to work with such a reputable and trustworthy gaming operator in a growing, lucrative market, commented David Johnson, VP of European Operations for Be Free. Our relationship with Casino Atlantis proves that Be Free continues to develop more advanced technology solutions for addressing the more complex business needs of today’s affiliate marketing programmes.”

Sunny Group and Microgaming in Bitter Dispute

Sunny Group and Microgaming, long-time partners in the online casino business, are now locked in a bitter dispute that could lead to legal action. Sunny Group, a Caribbean company, operates Casino Fortune, Miami Beach Casino, Mapau Casino and Flash Casino Fortune online casinos. Microgaming is one of the leading providers of Internet casino software.

In the first of two press releases issued this week detailing their complaints against Microgaming, Sunny Group said they discontinued using Microgaming software because they suspected that Microgaming’s “percentages” were not fair in recent months.

Microgaming countered that they terminated the software licence agreement with Sunny Group because Sunny Group had not been settling its outstanding licensing fees for some time and its current licensing fees were severely in arrears.

In their most recent press release issued late last night, Sunny Group said they were physically denied access to the Casino Fortune, Mapau Casino and Miami Beach Casino servers by security staff of Mohawk Internet Technologies (MIT) on the Kahnawake Reserve in Canada. Sunny Group called MIT “a biased jurisdiction that operates as an agent for Microgaming” and described the incident as “a blatant sabotage by Microgaming and MIT, which will undoubtedly cost the Sunny Group millions of dollars.”

“Microgaming continues to withhold the customer balances and that they have blatantly acknowledged this to the world in a press release dated March 27, 2002. This has caused Casino Fortune to lose a lot of business because some customers are blaming us for their balances seeming to disappear.”

On Wednesday Microgaming offered their assurance that they are doing everything possible to assist the Sunny Group of casinos to finalise its data so that it can pay out its players.

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